DIY Events

DIY Events at Jamestown Ranch

Over the last 10 years we have learned a lot about our venue and our clients. We know our clients and they are all 100% DIY (Do it yourself people). We also know that more than 70% don’t want the hassle or the legal risk of providing alcohol at their events in Arkansas.

Our amazing-sweeping views of the foothills of the Ozarks and our “amazing golden hour sunsets” create a beautiful backdrop for any event. Most folks just want a really nice location with an affordable venue fee. This is exactly what has made Jamestown Ranch successful over the past 10 years. We show our customers around and really give them the chance to create their perfect event — at an affordable price. We do have some rules and our guests graciously adhere to them.

The bottom-line, most clients don’t need us running around their event driving up costs because we feel we need to be there to help. When most weddings don’t really need much assistance. With this less hands on approach, we allow our place to be an affordable wedding investment. Our DIY model is easy and it’s working extremely well. Most importantly, our venue is helping brides and grooms across Central Arkansas have amazing weddings and spectacular events at Jamestown Ranch.

So what does DIY look like at Jamestown Ranch:

Clients have full use of all our tables, chairs, and a plethora of amazing decor (we have a concise list).
We set up the chairs and tables and we take them down after the event. This is mainly so they don’t get put away wrong or damaged moving them around. We are pretty particular on how we handle our items.
You get the trash and take it to the assigned location, and mostly, we just ask that you leave it like you found it.
You handle your own parking, we have some zones that are more than enough to accommodate most events, and the signage helps guide guests to the right parking area for the event.

What we do works and we have a 5 star rating to prove it. We hope you will consider us for you next event and we promise the investment will be worth it.

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