Photo Sessions

Photographers know us for our popular wedding venue and the summer Sunflower Patches at Jamestown Ranch.

We have 25 acres of a variety of photo options including: The Lake with dock, the big barn, the lawn, the fields, the oak grove, the big oaks, the farmhouse, the cottage, and the bungalow, all at one locations.

We have 1/2 and full day photog packages, that allow photographers to use the property for photo sessions. Most locations allow for guest to drive up to the location and stay in their car until it’s there turn to take pics. We call them drive thru mini’s. Photographers love them, because, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s safe for families.

Booking rates vary depending on time on property and if you need indoor facilities. To get more info you can complete this form and schedule a tour, or you email us at: or call us at 501-472-1154.

Corporate Retreat Meetings

Are you done with hotel meeting spaces or the four walls of your corporate office for lunch and learns or business meetings?  If yes, then you are looking for the Farmhouse at Jamestown Ranch. It is a rustic, scenic, creative space, for your next off-site meeting or team-building event. The Farmhouse at Jamestown Ranch boasts a spectacular view of the ranch and the foothills of the Ozarks.

As for creativity, the sky is the limit for creating an innovative, fun, off-site meeting or strategizing event.

We have wireless business class high-speed internet, pool table, foosball table, baggo, horse shoes (coming soon), basketball (at the big barn), fishing, and many other fun team building activities.

Or you can just relax in a comfortable chair soak up the peaceful environment and let your team recharge as you brainstorm about your teams next big idea or sales goal.

If you would like more information on our all-inclusive or a la carte corporate meeting packages you can:

Call us at 501-472-1563
Email us at