Lavender Photo Sessions

Photographers know us for our popular wedding venue, corporate team events, and now our latest and most popular addition, the lavender fields at Jamestown Ranch.  

We have 20 captivating acres of property with a plethora of “by appointment only” photo options including: the lavender fields, the lake with dock, the big barn, the big lawn, the fields, the small oak grove, the big oaks, the farmhouse, the cottage, and the bungalow; all at one location. 

We also have 600 stunning lavender plants that produce some of the most beautiful and fragrant blooms. 

Prime season for photos in the lavender Fields is June 15 – July 15th.

We have hourly, half-day, and full day photographer packages.  This allows photographers a variety of options to use the property for photo sessions. 

Booking rates vary, based on time on property and use of the indoor facilities. To get more info please email or call us at: or 501-472-1154.

Corporate Team Meetings

 Host your next team event at The Farmhouse or Big Barn at Jamestown Ranch in Central Arkansas for an unforgettable experience. Our creative and scenic meeting space is perfect for team meetings, team-building activities, or simply unwinding.

With high-speed internet and a private meeting room, you can mix work and play. Choose from our selection of recreational activities such as pool, foosball, basketball, fishing, and a stroll through the lavender fields. Or, let us customize a unique team experience that includes hands-on activities in the lavender farm or competitive games in our game room. Whether you prefer to relax and recharge or get active and engage, The Farmhouse at Jamestown Ranch has you covered.

See the options below, as we can also customize your event and provide some fun and creative team including a lavender farm experience or or competitive team experiences. 

At The Farmhouse at Jamestown Ranch, we offer both hourly packages for those who know exactly what they want, as well as customized team experiences. This flexible approach allows you to choose the best option to meet your team's goals, whether it's through hands-on activities in the lavender farm or in a fun, competitive environment in our game room. We work with you to design and create a unique team experience that engages and motivates your team.

See the pricing and options below

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Team Experiences and Objectives (Year Around)

Elevate your team building with our unique and customized experiences at The Farmhouse or Big Barn at Jamestown Ranch. Surrounded by peace and tranquility just outside Greenbrier in the Wooster area, our venue offers the perfect escape from the office to connect, have fun, and feel inspired. Choose from a range of activities that integrate our lavender farm and game room for a fun team-building experience. Whether your goal is to improve culture, build stronger relationships, or simply relax, we will help you create an experience that meets your team's needs. 

All custom experiences include box lunches with lavender themed drinks (tea, lemonade, and water) and for up to 6 hours for16 people.  (Rates vary based on specific needs)


Lavender Planting Team Experience (Spring and Fall)

Experience the history and benefits of lavender during this team experience at Jamestown Ranch. Our team-building activity includes an overview of lavender plants and the opportunity for teams to plant their own lavender plants, which will be labeled with their team's name. Individuals can return during one of our public events to see the progress of your team's plants and reflect on this unique and meaningful experience. Get hands-on with nature and strengthen your team's bonds with this educational and rewarding activity (rates vary based on specific needs)

Lavender Harvesting Team Experience (Summer – Mid July)

Immerse your team in the world of lavender at Jamestown Ranch. Our unique experience educates teams on the importance of lavender harvest timing and the many uses within the industry. Teams will have the opportunity to create their own floral packages to take home and promote relaxation. This hands-on experience not only strengthens team bonds, but also provides valuable knowledge on the versatility of lavender. (Rates vary based on specific needs)

Recreational Room | Competitive Indoor and Outdoor Team Experiences
(Outdoor options are seasonal)

Create a fun, yet competitive memorable team-building experience at Jamestown Ranch's semi-customizable options.

Work with our event director to design a fun and relaxed competition for your team, incorporating your creative ideas for a fun and engaging competition. Our indoor facilities include pool, ping pong, foosball, baggo, and our outdoor options are seasonal, but include horseshoes, fishing competitions, basketballs, pickle ball (coming soon) providing ample opportunities to roam around the ranch for some friendly competition and team bonding.

Choose Jamestown Ranch for a unique and customized team-building experience. (Rates vary based on specific needs)

Additional options to customize your event:

Let your imagination soar at Jamestown Ranch for your next team event. From simple box lunches to elaborate dining experiences, the possibilities for your event are endless. Our team will work with you to create a customized experience that fits your business and team's needs, including consultation on developing a theme that makes your event unique and memorable. Choose Jamestown Ranch for an unparalleled team-building experience.